Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Clothes!

We are Chozyn! Meet the owners of Chozyn Fashion

We were “Chozyn” to make a statement, Chozyn Fashion is unisex, a lifestyle brand that is affording customers the opportunity to experience exceptional online shopping with remarkable customer service from the comfort of their home. Chozyn Fashion is a rebirth from an embellished apparel line established by co-owner Germaine Green established in 2015. Chozyn was started by two progressive creatresses Cynthia Hall & Germaine Seagears-Green raised in the heart of the Nationals Capitol. This Chic fusion of two business women who love the Lord & their family life immensely who find joy in creating a high-quality fashion couture and embellishing fun fashion clothing that are turning heads all over the country. In March of 2018 they were excited to announce the recent expansion to the Chozyn Fashion Brand, Chozyn Canine Couture which was featured at the 2018 Pet Expo. Their second new collection is “Chozyn 4 Charity” an affordable accessory line modeled with purchase with a purpose motto. A portion of every purchase will be donated to the featured charity or nonprofit organization.